Although we don’t travel much, having daughters with sensitive skin makes me feel like I’m “traveling” everyday.

Thank God for KIT’s clear pouches and small bottles because I can bring all the necessary lotions, medicines, balms, repellents, etc with us anytime without having to literally bring our closet. I just transfer them in small bottles (i love that there’s a variety of cover like spray, pump, etc) and voila! I’ve transformed our closet into 1 or 2 pouches!!

Another addition to my KIT collection is their new Diaper Bag that I didn’t have second thoughts of buying. Since we tend to stay late iat my father’s house whenever we visit them, we have to wash and change them before we go home. Because of KIT’s diaper bag, tubs, jars, and bottles, I can conveniently bring their complete grooming stuff and changing clothes anytime.